To strive to provide you with prompt and courteous service. Combine that with our desire to provide you with affordable pricing for the milling your ore.                                                                         
Our jaw crushing and impacting milling is designed to produce a final product at the mesh necessary for your recovery needs.

How much can we run/day

The, "Ore Processors Mill Site", is currently set up to produce up to 20+ tons/day while producing an end result of apx. 20 to 40 mesh or finer. 

Concentrating your material

If the milled ore has free gold at the milled mesh then on our Deister shaker tables can concentrate the milled ore. We will provide you with the concentrate, middlings, and the tailings if you wish.
​You recognize that concentrating has to be done at a much slower rate, up to 1 ton/hour, depending on your material, to capture most of the free gold. Consequently, the cost for concentrating will be at an hourly rate of $175, with a minimum of 4 hours.

What is your cost?

Our rate for milling your ore to plus or minus 20 mesh will vary from $250 to $400 per ton. Variation in price  depends on the mineral composition and the density of the ore.  
We can sample your ore for a small fee.

What we do:

Our milling equipment is designed to produce a mesh from your ore that will allow you to take it to the gold recovery stage. We endevor to make the recovery as efficent as humanily possible.


Our Congress/Stanton/Yarnell location provides easy access for your company's delivery, in addition, we welcome you to be on site, by appointment only, to verify and observe how your ore is being processed.

CONTACT: Ron or Don at: OreProcessors@aol.com

Note: Contact Ron @ 928-231-9268 or Don @ 602-509-4227.